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How To Rearrange Your Furniture for a Great Party!

Rearrange Your Furniture

Don’t Let Bad Furniture Ruin a Good Party

Nassau Furniture is the best furniture store on Long Island, New York, so you can bet that we know a thing or two about how to rearrange furniture!

In fact, we even have an online room planner that allows you to create an exact blueprint of your room and see what our furniture will look like in it, how it will fit, etc.

We love helping customers find the perfect furniture selection for their space. Keep reading for some tips to help rearrange that furniture for a different use than normal: throwing a great party!

Logistics First

To get your furniture arranged correctly you are going to have to focus on some of the less exciting specifics first. You need to know how many people are going to be there, what their dietary preferences and restrictions are, etc.

What is everyone bringing? Questions like these will make it much easier to complete step 2; designing your flow.

Design a Flow

When people first come in, what will they be doing? Is there a place for them to put their jacket and shoes?

Will people be bringing dishes to eat, perhaps gifts? Where will they be able to put those? Is there a clear path from the entryway to the kitchen? Will you have an area for drinks?

We cannot tell you exactly how to create your flow, but the fun of it is designing the flow of social interaction, or in other words, pushing people towards each other so that they can all meet, talk, have a nice time.

If everyone goes to the kitchen first to drop off their dishes they’ve brought, perhaps the drinks should be nearby so that they stay longer and talk more? Details like this make hosting so much fun!

Have Multiple Gathering Areas

Make sure that your design includes spaces for people to pool into, with seating designed for groups to be able to talk and eat comfortably!

Small circles of chairs or a few high-up surfaces that are cleared for food to be put down are always nice.

Or perhaps you want to have everyone all sit in large circle together? Have one large conversation among the group? That might take some serious furniture rearranging!

Remove Extra Furniture

Now that you’ve figured out your flow and you know where people will be sitting and standing, take a look at your layout and figure out where things are too bulky.

Is that side table making the path through the living room too narrow? Is that huge chair going to unused? Your usual furniture set up wasn’t designed for large groups of people to mill around, so pushing some furniture into storage might be a good idea for the big night.

Financing Available for Great Furniture

Need a Long Island furniture store that won’t let you down? Come to Nassau, or shop our extensive collection of furniture online.

Can’t afford the furniture you need upfront? No problem. We have financing available!

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