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Furniture Tips to Design A Small Living Room

Furniture Tips to Design A Small Living Room

A living room in any home is a focal point when it comes to designing. It’s where the majority of homeowners spend their time so it only makes sense that one should spend the majority of their time developing it.

Often, space is an issue when it comes to designing. Homeowners can spend days finding the right furniture for their limited amount of space.

The goal is to balance the space out to have enough room to relax and stay functional while not wasting useless furniture on space that can be utilized in more optimal ways.

Here are some neat techniques you can use to optimize the limited space that is to become your living room.

Optimize Lighting

Because the living room is due for high traffic, whether it’s your family or guests, you want to make sure your living room is in a well-lit area of your home so people can actually see and appreciate the design you put into it.

If you feel that your living room needs some brightening up, use furniture colors to help! No need to install extra lighting yet!

Choosing lighter colors for your furniture sets can significantly lighten up the room and make it seem more welcoming. Colors such as lavender, bright yellow, and sky blue are great examples of colors that will make a room seem brighter.

Utilize Windows and Mirrors

To state the obvious, try your best to avoid blocking windows and mirrors with your furniture.

Studies have actually been able to show that mirrors and windows can trick the mind into thinking a space is larger. So, if you are a bit limited in space, try using glass furniture such as a glass coffee table. Glass is see-through in nature so it can make a smaller room look bigger than it actually is.

A great trick is to place a mirror in a location that will reflect a window or mirror on the opposing side of the wall. This can make it seem like the mirror is a second window because of the reflection of the opposing window/mirror.

Use Ottomans

Ottomans are pieces of furniture that are very versatile and perfect for small living rooms. Ottomans come in various sizes to scale to your needs and can double-up as storage units or as extra seating options.

Due to their multi-purpose nature, they can easily be experimented with to save space and declutter your living room.

Try doubling-up an ottoman’s features by using it as a footrest in front of your main couch segments and storing blankets and throws inside the ottoman for those chilly movie sessions!

Play With Scale

If you own a smaller sized living room, try designing it with low-level furniture pieces. If you’ve exhausted all options in order to expand horizontally, try optimizing your vertical space!

Using lower leveled furniture pieces can make your ceilings seem taller, therefore, making the room look bigger vertically.