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Super Bowl Blog

How to Throw a Winning Super Bowl Party

It’s that time of year again! Time to set out all of the appetizers, chips, dip and beer your coffee table can hold, and gather all of your friends for hours of football watching fun. To create the best party for your guests, you want everyone to be comfortable AND have everything in arm’s reach.

Here are a few game day essentials you’ll want in your entertainment room to host a winning Super Bowl party:

Clear the Clutter

Find furniture with storage solutions. Whether it’s an ottoman with a lift top, a sofa with a storage console, pack away your extra pillows and throws and items you don’t want in the way of your food and festivities.

Entertainment Center

Make sure your TV is sitting at eye level so that guests don’t need to strain their necks to watch the game. For most adults, optimum center-of- television height should be about 42 inches from the floor. Find an entertainment center or TV stand that allows optimum height of the television. An entertainment center with drawers and doors also keeps clutter at bay, and hides those fragile items you might not want knocked over when celebrating a big play.

Coffee Table and End Tables

Having food within arm’s reach is a must on game day. Place snacks and dishes around the room, with the main spread on your dining table or eat-in kitchen, or buffet accent table along the side of the room. Utilize end tables and coffee tables for smaller finger foods so that guests never have far to go. Your guests will never miss a play while reaching for more chips with a lift-top coffee table.

Sofa of the Future

You’ll be the envy of all your friends with a souped-up sofa. Many brands have come out with high-tech sofas that can include built-in cooling cup holders, storage compartments, fold down tables, massage chairs, heated seats and even a power strip with USB ports to charge your phone. These fancy features are enough to make any football fan happy. They’ll never have to leave their seat!

Seating for all

Speaking of seats, make sure your entertainment room has enough seating for all. Sectional sofas come in all sizes and can be completely customized to your room size and configuration. Add a loveseat and super-sized recliner and you’ll be able to offer comfortable seating for everyone. Of course you can always bring in extra barstools to create extra seating.

Get Creative with your Snacks

Tired of the same old party foods? Get your guests more excited about the food than the game with these inspirational ideas: Superbowl nacho bar, tater tot skewers, or Rice Krispie Bites in team colors. Search Pinterest for more fun party decoration and food ideas.

Comfort and food are KEY to a stellar party. So even if your team doesn’t win this Super Bowl Sunday, (or your favorite team isn’t even playing), at least your party will!