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Reclining Sofas Blog

What to Look for when Buying a Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofas have become the centerpiece of comfort in entertainment rooms and family rooms everywhere. They’re versatile and combine the comfort of a reclining chair with the size of a sofa. Once you’ve decided to invest in one, here are some things to know when shopping for your reclining sofa.


Consider the size of the room first. Make sure the placement in the room allows enough clearance in front and at least a few inches behind to allow full recline extension. Also, make sure the size of the couch doesn’t overpower the space or disrupt the flow of traffic.


When it comes to design, reclining sofas come in the same styles and sets as traditional upright sofas. Consider how many people you want to seat on the couch, and how many seats you want to recline. A configurable sectional might be perfect for a large room and can seat up to 7 or more people, but a smaller reclining loveseat or reclining 3-cushion sofa might be perfect for a smaller room or smaller family.


It’s best to be able to inspect the mechanism in person and test it a few times. Sit on the couch and recline. The transition should be smooth and easy. When fully reclined, the footrest should lock and unlock with ease, and you should feel enough support beneath your legs and feet, and your back should have good lumbar support. It should be easy to return upright, and seats should feel comfortable in all positions. Hand rests should be sturdy, and frame should be free of sharp edges. The cushions should be firm and maintain their shape after sitting on the sofa.

Manufacturer and Warranty

If possible, research manufacturers, styles, and specific models before you hit the stores. Invest in the best quality sofa you can afford. A good quality manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the reclining mechanism or entire sofa. Online product reviews can give you a good idea of quality and how happy others have been with their purchase.

Bottom Line

Try before you buy—you want a comfortable reclining sofa that feels good and will last. After all, you want to be happy with your purchase and ensure relaxing comfort year after year.