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How to identify your furniture style Blog

How to Identify Your Furniture Style

When searching for new furniture to replace your old furniture, or to furnish your new home, it can be a struggle to wade through the millions of varieties of furniture to find the style you like. And it can also be so overwhelming that you never really figure it out, and just go with what’s cheapest or be swayed by what’s available.

When shopping for furniture online and in store helps immensely when you can identify your design style and then narrow your search for only the pieces that match your style. That way, your search isn’t bogged down by items that you’re not interested in.

If you’re already in a furniture store, the sales people can help, since they are usually industry experts who deal with design style buzz words every day. But if you’re not in a furniture store, able to see all of the different types of furniture right in front of you, you may have a tough time visualizing the differences.

Here are four common design styles out there to help you identify your personal style in furniture and answer the question “What’s my furniture design style?”

This style is characterized by signs of age, wear and tear, or when items are distressed to achieve the appearance of old, weathered, or time-worn. This furniture is either handmade or manufactured to look handmade. The colors of this aesthetic include soft neutrals, earth tones. And dark and bare wood shades, often exposed or stained. Fabrics include linens in earth tones. This style is as relaxed as it is simple.

This high fashion style is characterized by metallic accents, mirrors, shiny accessories, candles. You want the space to feel luxurious, soft and glam. This style is a fresh, airy, ultra elegant, modern luxe feel. Damask patterns, rich variety of soft and feminine textures, crystals, dramatic lighting, clutter-free, modern art, and tons and tons of accent pillows.

The traditional style is all about balance, curves, and comfort. It’s a look that never goes out of style. This style of furniture appeals to people who want their home to feel elegant and timeless. Traditional furniture is often manufactured to be larger in size, feeling grand. Darker wood tones abound, along with attention to detail and embellishments, giving character to the pieces. Furnishings tend to be arranged to invite conversation. Symmetry, balance, soft edges, leggy tables and chairs, plump and tufted cushions, plenty of pillows. Skirted beds in the bedroom along with exotic rugs, and brass, bronze, and copper lighting. Pretty patterns – plaids, stripes, florals, but not too bold or splashy – top off this look.

Mid-Century Modern is a reflection of the influence of Scandinavian design. Modern clean lines, minimalist detail, uncomplicated pieces brought us post-war into the modern era. This era was the start to innovative, mass-produced furniture and accents. Furnishings and floors are stripped down to their essential forms, with no excess details, and almost appear space-aged. Mid-toned color wood, simple table and chair legs, curves. Heavy, textural fabrics like burlap and wool knits were fabrics of the times but furniture pieces nowadays with this style can be made out of any fabrics. Bold geometric patterns made their mark in this era. Along with statement lighting.

Pay attention to the elements you like and don’t like to identify your style preference. Ultimately, your style is your style, and you room can even be a mixture of furniture styles. Whatever makes you happy and sets the mood you want to create in your living space.

We want you to be happy with the furniture you pick out. We at Nassau Furniturecarry furniture of all styles that fit all budgets.