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2019 Outdoor Furniture Trends to Be Aware Of

2019 Outdoor Furniture Trends to Be Aware Of

Outdoor patios are such a great feature of a home that can provide value for homeowners. There are many homeowners who seriously underutilize the space that an outdoor patio offers.

We’ve seen some cases where the only thing the patio is being used for is a placeholder for a rusty grill. Sad, we know. If you are fortunate enough to own a home with an outdoor patio or if you are thinking of building one, you should take it just as serious as you do when designing the inside portions of your home.

Designs To Look For

Implementing an outdoor patio in your home can be a great way to escape the indoors and experience the great outdoors. Here are some great trends for outdoor furniture that can spruce up your outdoor patio making it a great place to host parties or just for personal leisure.

Neutral Colors

When choosing your outdoor furniture color schemes, a trend we are starting to see more is the use of neutral colors. Colors such as cream, off-white, greys, and white are all examples of neutral colors.

The use of neutral tones has been trending because it acts as a minimal accent piece that actually accents the surrounding features of nature, almost acting like a blank canvas while the surrounding trees and such act as the paint.

Accent Chairs & Tables

If you feel that only using neutral colors is boring and mundane, we understand. This doesn’t mean you need to scrap the entire idea of utilizing neutral tones. A great way to bring some splash into the neutral color scheme is to use accent chairs or tables.

The purpose of an accent chair is not only for functionality but for decorating purposes. Although we feel that the chair should serve some functionality so don’t go buying a chair that’s hard as a rock because it looks nice.

The reason accent chairs are called what they are is because they do exactly that - they serve as a contrasting accent to the neutral colored furniture pieces that you are bored with. It’s a great compromise between choosing an all neutral furniture set and a chaotically patterned set.

Loose Weaving

Loose weaving is a term used to describe types of furniture that resemble a woven basket made of straw or wood.

They’re a great way to add seating options that keep you cool in the summer as it’ll allow the breeze to flow right through the weave patterns and is versatile enough to dress up in the winter with extra throws and woven knits to warm it up a bit.

Heavier furniture pieces are meant to be stationary and can be a pain if you want to move it as they’ll cause scratching and damage to the flooring.

Loose weaved types of furniture, however, are very lightweight relative to other pieces of furniture which makes moving pieces around an easy task.